My #1 Tip When Starting the Adoption Process

I have one simple tip that will save you a lot of time and sanity when you start the adoption process:

BUY A NOTEBOOK. This advice was given to me when we first started and I’m so thankful I listened. One location to keep all of your paperwork, ALL the copies, all the updates, everything. I know this information can be easily kept on your computer, but you want a place to have back-ups. Trust me, there will be LOTS of paperwork.

Don’t judge mine, it got messier as the process went on…


Here’s some examples of tabs I would create:
– Adoption agency
– Child Info. (keep a copy of your child’s file here)
– Copies
– Donations. We kept a list of ‘generous donations’ from people. It was very hard to keep up with who donated what, so having a list to look back on really helped.
– Homestudy agency
– Money (any checks you write, make copies and put here)
– Travel

Some other tips:

Make multiple copies. If someone says they need a copy of something, go ahead and make three. You’ll end up needing them down the road, I promise.

Buy some sticky notes. These helped a lot. Any letter, any approval, I would print out, and write the date on the sticky note. This really helped me with our adoption timeline I created later on. You can see that here. 


Another thing that’s nice is if you ever decide to adopt again, you’ll have a lot of the info you’ll need in one place. I hope this advice helps you. As always, contact me with any questions you might have. I’m here for you!

find joy!


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