Establishing a scent for bonding

There is a cologne called Obsession by Calvin Klein and every time I smell it, my mind immediately goes to my dad. He wore it all the time. There are certain scents that take us back to our childhood and certain family members. Attachment and bonding is a must for children and is especially important for those that have been adopted.  Pheromones help begin establishing a bond while a baby is in the mothers womb, but obviously we didn’t have that. As crucial as bonding and attachment is for adoption, I wanted something like that for Sweet P.

When we went to China, I took only one lotion and used it the entire time. In a time when everything was changing and nothing was consistent in her life, I at least wanted to maintain some sort of consistency with the same smell. I still only use that lotion and now only use one perfume.  My advice would be to find a scent that isn’t overwhelming and very light. I used lavender lotion from Young Living:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.38.09 AM

What I love about this is there is also a body wash, hand soap, and chapstick that I can use to continue the consistency across all boards. There is of course a lavender oil so it’s always running in our diffuser, and we rub it on Sweet P’s feet at night. As you can tell, the lavender scent is always present in our home. I also read an article once that lavender was a good smell if you wanted to establish trust. No matter the scent, I highly suggest picking one that you love and sticking to it. From a mama’s perspective, I definitely believe that it works!


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