Holt International Adoption Agency Review

The number one email I get from people is asking how we chose Holt as our adoption agency, and how did we like working with them. The agency you choose is the link between you and your child. You are relying on them to find the perfect match for your family so it’s a big deal! I’m here to give you some honest feedback on our experience with them and why we chose them.

Harry and Bertha Holt in 1955 arriving in the U.S. with their eight adopted Korean children. Image via Holt’s website.

We chose Holt International for a few reasons. One, because of their longstanding, 60 year relationship with China and international adoption. China highly respects them, and I honestly feel our process went so smoothly because of that close relationship. After 60 years, they know what they are doing! Secondly, Harry and Bertha Holt’s story really resonated with us. We love everything they stood for and how the agency still abides by those values today. Lastly, we chose them because of their great communication skills. I emailed a number of agencies requesting more information, and they were the quickest agency to respond (in less than 24 hours). Some agencies took weeks to respond, and that was a red flag for me. Trust me, during this process you want an agency that is quick in responding to emails! Holt is based out of Oregon and we’re in Tennessee, but that was never an issue. You can mail or fax them everything they need.

The only thing I wish I would’ve asked them was how they handle grant money. If you are awarded grant money during the adoption process, that company sends the money to Holt and Holt is the one that decides when the money is released to you. Holt does not release grant funds until after you return home with your child and the adoption is final (about one month later to be exact). This isn’t really a negative thing, it’s just not the way I had it planned out. As long as you don’t rely on grant funds before you travel, you’ll be good! It was actually a blessing to have those funds when we got home, since my hubby took leave from work.

So that’s my honest feedback. Basically if you are considering Holt, then we highly recommend them! We are 100% satisfied with Holt, and I would absolutely use them again. Don’t just take it from me, but pray about it and do your research on all agencies out there. Look around on Holt’s website, email them, call them, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. As always, contact me with any additional questions you may have.

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  • February 2, 2016 - 7:03 pm

    Lisa - I accidentally stumbled upon your Instagram page and this blog! What perfect timing. We are just beginning and nearing the “ready to submit application” phase. We have already spoken extensively with holt. I have researched other agencies but their response and knowledge has been amazing. I am reassured after reading this that we have chosen a solid agency! Thank you. I look forward to following you throughout this journey as it is becoming increasingly apparent that support and connections in this community are key! Thank you.ReplyCancel

    • February 18, 2016 - 10:47 pm

      joyinthewaiting - Hi Lisa! So glad you found me. Congrats on your journey! We absolutely love Holt. Please reach out to me with any questions you might have. Praying for you!ReplyCancel

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