Sweet P turns 4

Our precious girl just turned F O U R!


We absolutely had the best time celebrating her. She had been counting the days to her birthday for weeks. She woke up that morning saying “my birthday is today? My party is tomorrow?” She couldn’t wait. It was a very emotional week for me I won’t lie. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll catch a glimpse of my feelings. Birthdays are hard on any mom, but I feel they can be even harder with the backgrounds our little adopted ones have come from. I cried often and even broke down at her party as we sang happy birthday. I just couldn’t help myself, I’m so proud of everything she is. Y’all that know me know that I love to make a big deal out of birthdays so we kind of celebrated a majority of the week:

Thursday was her actual birthday so I took her to Knoxville to get her nails done and a day of shopping. She LOVED having her nails done. Oh my goodness, the entire time she was grinning from ear to ear..it was so cute. And of course no birthday is complete without a trip to Wasabi…

IMG_1148 13

Thursday night we all went to Cracker Barrel with the family and celebrated. It was a special day that we’ll never forget.

IMG_1172 2

Friday was her party!! I was nervous about overwhelming her with a lot of people so we only invited her friends that she has been spending time with. I didn’t want there to be strangers at her own party. This was a great decision because the perfect amount of people were there. She played and played the entire time! I can’t say enough great things about Fort Imagination, it was like having party planner! Other than food, they handled it all which made things way less stressful. I’m so thankful for Sweet P’s friends God has surrounded her with. They bring her so much joy…



claire4-15claire4-14She isn’t scared of anything! claire4-13Fort Imagination has a “secret garden” hidden within the castle… so neat! claire4-12claire4-10claire4-9This is the wedding photographer coming out in me as I wanted to capture every detail… claire4-8claire4-6Her cake was from Publix of all places. They have the BEST tasting cakes with tons of options. The glitter #4 was from Hobby Lobby… claire4-5Sweet Beginnings by Elaine – Thank you SO much for these gorgeous cupcakes, they were delicious!claire4-3All the decor and balloons was done by Fort Imagination (woop woop)! claire4-2

Saturday we picked up Nana and Mimi and headed to Pigeon Forge. First, we went to the huge ferris wheel in The Island. Then, we went to Dixie Stampede and had a blast! Sweet P couldn’t wait to see “Dolly’s horses”. She asked for a horse for her birthday so this was a close as we could get to giving that to her. 😉 She loved it!

IMG_1250 2

Sunday we went to a fondue restaurant with our friends where there was a fairytale theme. Anna and Elsa were there and it made her day…

IMG_1286 2It was honestly the best week. I was just happy to have a healthy girl by my side…everything else was just a bonus. I hope she enjoyed it as much as we did and I can’t wait for many more!

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