Word for the year

Every year, I pick a word. A word that I want represented for my life during the next 365 days. This year, my word is peace.

Since Casey and I were married, we’ve been going. striving. Saying YES when we should’ve said no, finding jobs, searching for a house, finding a house, remodeling a house, starting a photography business, starting a videography business, trying to keep up in the business industry, joining businesses, trying to have babies, going to doctors to try and have babies, adopting, selling a house, living with my parents, building a house, the list goes on and on. It just feels like we’ve always been…going.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that everything said above is part of LIFE. Life happens, and I never want to look back and have regrets. For everything I mentioned, I am SO thankful. Thankful for all the opportunities we’ve had. The Lord has truly blessed us, and I regret nothing that we’ve done. We love our jobs! We loved adopting! But truly, we are tired. And we have a lot to think about! Do we really need three jobs between the two of us? Do we really need to say yes to every single opportunity that comes our way? Is it worth time away from our girl?

Peace is defined as “freedom from disturbance”. For me, that disturbance has been a busy schedule, saying yes when I should’ve said no, a cluttered home (AND mind), my cell phone, social media, other people’s drama, my temper, etc…

I choose peace.

Less busy, less saying yes, a simple schedule, less social media, less of peoples drama, more family time, more time with Sweet P, more helping people with adoption, more making our house a home, more giving, more of what matters. 2017, I’m ready for you.

My verses to help me focus on that word are:
“Joy fills hearts that are planning peace.” Proverbs 12:20 and “Seek peace and pursue it.” Psalm 34:14











I’m putting this out there for anyone needing direction in the new year. We can do this together! Pray on it and pick a word that you want to represent you. We can decide what we want our 2017 to be. One word, one verse, one day at a time.

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