5 tips for the BEST Dollywood experience

As you all know by now, we absolutely love Dollywood and go several times a year. Over the years we have came up with some insider tips for visiting Dollywood and I want to share those with y’all today:

  1. Download the Dollywood app. This app saves us so much time. You can use it to see the show times and then use the map within the app to know where to walk next. You can also see the ride wait times which makes planning even easier!
  2. Upgrade to a season ticket. This is by far the best deal that Dollywood offers. If you ever plan to visit Dollywood again then it’s cheaper to upgrade to a season pass. Trust me, you’ll visit more than once! *Pro tip – have at least one person in your family get a GOLD pass. With this pass you get free parking all year, 20% off food and shops, and more.
  3. After 3, Next Day FREE! Did you know if you come to Dollywood after 3:00pm then you get in the next day for free?! YES! It’s the perfect way to see the entire park, because I truly feel you need quite a few days to take it all in.
  4. Save time by having your children measured. As you enter Dollywood to the left is the measuring station. The color wristband you get tells you what rides they can ride. It saves so much time because you get a color coordinated list of the rides thus helping you determine where to go for the day.
  5. Utilize “Product Pickup”. If you buy anything within the park stores, you can have it delivered to the main gift shop where you exit the park and pick it up as you leave for the day. This is one of our favorite things to do when we purchase something and don’t want to carry it around all day.

There are so many more tips that I can’t wait to share with y’all in upcoming posts. Be sure to follow along!!!

For more information, visit www.dollywood.com

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