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Happy New Year! I seriously can’t believe we’ve been home with our baby girl for SIX MONTHS! Time is flying by y’all. For whatever reason, I missed the 5 month blog post…oops!! I think we were having too much fun during the holidays! ūüôā

Six months later and things are going great!


Attachment: This is something I prayed about for over a year. That our child would attach to us and bonding would go well. Let me tell you, God answered that prayer! Sweet P knows who her Mama and Baba are, and she rarely lets us leave her sight! I’m so thankful. However, I can’t help but wonder what she thinks. Does she realize that we’re here forever? That we’ll never leave her? That strangers are never going to come in the door and take her away? I pray she understands. I think a good sign is whenever we leave the house she says “Bye Pat and Pearl, we’ll be back soon”. At least she has comfort knowing when we leave, we’ll be coming back home.


Language:¬†Her language and speaking is coming along well! She’s starting to form sentences, and some things I’m not sure where she gets it from. Either Mimi or Nana have taught her “yummy in my tummy!” and “uh oh spaghettio” because she says those a lot. We were taking down the Christmas tree and I asked her to hand me the snowflake ornaments to which she responded “I can’t reach those!”. She was digging in my purse the other day and I told her to get out and she said “when we get home you’re going in time-out” HA! SO yeah, speaking and sentences are going well to say the least! We’re hoping to get her into some kind of speech therapy here soon to start forming her sentences and learning more English.


Sleeping:¬†Sleeping is going great! She still sleeps with us, and we love it. The other night I jokingly said “Why don’t you go to sleep in your big girl bed tonight?” and she said “ok!”. I took her upstairs NEVER thinking she would go through with it, laid down with her, and she feel asleep! I was shocked and sad! We left her there for a while, but eventually moved her to our bed because we don’t have a monitor in her room. Something we obviously need to be purchasing soon! It’s funny, she doesn’t toss and turn as much as she used to pre-surgery. Of course she moves around like all toddlers do, but before her surgery it was bad… like she was uncomfortable. Now I know¬†that she’s feeling a lot better because of the way she sleeps.


Food:¬†She’s eating a lot more! The girl will try anything, but bread and meats still aren’t something she likes a lot of. Eggs and bacon are still her favorite as well as any type of soup. Bananas, watermelon, and grapes are always a must. Thankfully we’ve never had to deal with a lot of food issues like many adoptive families do.


Her Health:¬†Her heart and scar are healing very well! We went to the doctor last week and her Oxygen level was 98!! It was so great to see that number (before surgery it was always in the 80’s). She goes back to her cardiologist in February just so he can check and make sure everything still sounds good. We’re praying her heart does well for many, many years to come!

As you can see below we’ve been having a great time with out girl! People ask me how motherhood is going, and I¬†tell them I’m loving it! It’s hard, I miss sleep, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Adoption has been the best thing to ever happen to us.¬†It was a long road, but so worth it! God is good…



I have one simple tip that will save you a lot of time and sanity when you start the adoption process:

BUY¬†A NOTEBOOK. This advice was given to me when we first started and I’m so thankful I listened. One location to keep all of your paperwork, ALL the copies, all the updates, everything. I know this information can be easily kept on your computer, but you want a place to have back-ups. Trust me, there will be LOTS of paperwork.

Don’t judge mine, it got messier as the process went on…


Here’s some examples of tabs I would create:
– Adoption agency
– Child Info. (keep a copy of your child’s file here)
– Copies
–¬†Donations. We kept a list of ‘generous donations’ from people. It was very hard to keep up with who donated what, so having a list to look back on really helped.
– Homestudy agency
– Money (any checks you write, make copies and put here)
– Travel

Some other tips:

Make multiple copies. If someone says they need a copy of something, go ahead and make three. You’ll end up needing them down the road, I promise.

Buy some sticky notes. These helped a lot. Any letter, any approval, I would print out, and write the date on the sticky note. This really helped me with our adoption timeline I created later on. You can see that here. 


Another thing that’s nice is if you ever decide to adopt again, you’ll have a lot of the info you’ll need in one place. I hope this advice helps you.¬†As always, contact me with any questions you might have. I’m here for you!

find joy!


When you’re shopping this holiday season, keep in mind those companies that give back and are making a difference! ¬†These are a few of my favorites:

  1. Love41¬†has amazing jewelry, bags, and accessories. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!¬†100% of profits (you read that right!)¬†from this store go to Africa New Life Ministries. From the website; “Africa New Life exists to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda by providing education, spiritual insight and basic necessities to poor children and families.” You can also sponsor a child, send that child gifts, and they take trips so you can visit the child you sponsor.
  2. Altar’d State¬†gives back a numerous of ways including making charitable donations to a not-for-profit organization that works to support the sustainable social development efforts of Coprodeli Peru. This store has adorable clothes, shoes, home decor and more!¬†
  3. The Giving Keys has beautiful key necklaces and accessories with uplifting messages. They exist to employ people transitioning out of homelessness.
  4. ShowHOPE¬† has the cutest clothes, jewelry¬†and more. They exist to help the world’s orphans by giving grants to families who are adopting. We’re living proof that this company gives back as we were grant recipients from them for our adoption! ūüôā


Not only was this month Thanksgiving, but it was National Adoption Month as well which I find to be quite fitting.


The day before we left for China, we received one final update on Sweet P. We hadn’t had an update since January, so this was the second round of pictures we ever got of her. When I opened them up, I couldn’t believe it. There she was, outside playing in a BUTTERFLY dress. Butterflies y’all. Do you even¬†realize¬†my obsession with butterflies since the age of 10?! If you know me at all then you know the importance of this. It was a love note straight from God saying “Go get your daughter”.

thanksgiving2015-2She has what seems to be mosquito bites or chickenpox all over her legs, her shoes are probably way too big, and hundreds of other girls have probably worn that dress. But you know what? She’s smiling, she’s got her tongue out just like her Baba always does, and she is wearing butterflies.

God hand picked our daughter. Just like he places the perfect baby in a mother’s womb, he can place¬†the perfect waiting child with your family. As I sit here typing this, Sweet P keeps looking up at me with her huge smile. She’s mine, I’m hers, and slowly but surely she’s starting to understand that.

I refuse to¬†let this month go by without pleading with you to consider¬†adoption. At least pray about it, read about it, learn about it.¬†If you’re called to adopt, look¬†around on this site and there are tons of links to help you learn more. If you have any questions please reach out to me and I’ll answer. Adoption is hard, but it’s¬†beautiful. I’m so thankful God chose us to be her parents…



We’re a little late with this post because we’ve been somewhat pre-occupied to say the least, BUT Y’ALL! Look at the pre-surgery¬†photo¬†from last month compared to this months. I never fully realized¬†just how blue Sweet P’s lips were until now looking back on previous photos. It was more obvious than I thought! NOW, look at these beautiful pink lips:

Claire4Talk about a lot to be thankful for this year! We’re so grateful that her surgery went well. That God provided the doctors and nurses with this knowledge to take care of our little girl! There were a few complications and bumps in the road, but her heart is better and that’s what matters.¬†Something that I’m learning¬†is that you can never fully heal CHD. She’ll have yearly cardiologist visits the rest of her life. We’re thankful that for now once she’s healed she’ll have no restrictions and be able to do anything she wants in life!

A few people have asked, so there’s one more¬†thing I’d like to say regarding this. We knew about Sweet P’s heart condition on the day our adoption agency matched her with us. I never want anyone to think this was a surprise to us or something our agency held back. We’ve always known about it, and we’ve always known she would need life saving surgery. Does that make us better people? No. It makes us two parents who knew where our daughter was and we went to get her. That being said, it doesn’t make things easier on us. To hear people say “Well, they knew what they were getting into” is such an ignorant thing to say. Sadly, I’ve heard it said about a few families recently. She’s our daughter, and it still hurts us deeply no matter how much we already knew. I’m not expecting everyone to understand, but please become more knowledgeable about adoption before you speak. <3

Now, on to more fun things! ūüôā¬†Sweet P¬†is doing amazingly well!¬†She’s healing well, talking a lot, and learning new things every day. We’re kind of on lock down for a few weeks until she’s fully healed (the doctor doesn’t want her getting sick), so we’re spending time doing lots of crafts and she loves¬†it. She’s so smart, it blows my mind what she’s picked up in only 4 short months. She’s starting to speak English in little sentences and it’s so cute to hear her voice.

Thank you all for the prayers, love, and continued support of our little miracle daughter… we’re so thankful and blessed!