With travel and all, our adoption expenses ended up being a little over $35,000…

Yes, adoption is expensive but SO worth it! Don’t let big numbers get in the way of a BIGGER God… He will provide! 

These are some of our fundraisers:

ESSENTIAL OILS:  all proceeds from my oil journey go toward our adoption.

T-SHIRT FUNDRAISER: This fundraiser got us well over $5,000! We recommend Bonfire Funds!

PUZZLE FUNDRAISER:  This one brought in a lot as well. We love the meaning behind this, and so did those that donated.

CHURCH COMMUNITY: While we were in China, our church provided a meal to the congregation one Sunday after Church and asked for donations. That fundraiser provided us with $1200… Thank you Big Emory Church! God is faithful.

TICKET AUCTION: When we got home, Casey was on FMLA for a while so we could all be at home and bond with our girl. This was an unpaid leave, which was tough. To compensate, we auctioned off our Tennessee Football season tickets which brought us in an additional $1900! I can’t put in to words how much this helped us! Yes, it will be tough missing some games, but I would MUCH rather spend precious time with my amazing daughter!

THANK YOU to everyone who supported us!!! Words can’t express what your help meant to us. You played a part in bringing our daughter home, we’re forever grateful!

So those are a few ways we fundraised. If you have any questions please email me! I would be happy to chat. You CAN do this!!! 🙂

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