Our Fertility Timeline

You have to read  our infertility timeline along side our adoption timeline to really see how God’s timing is perfect!

4/25/09 We got hitched!

1/1/11 Let’s get pregnant!

7/11/11 Fertility doctor appointment…had a feeling something was wrong

7/12/11 Diagnosed with severe stage 4 Endometriosis (trust your instinct ladies!)

7/29/11 First Laparoscopic Surgery

8/24/11 Post Op. Appointment – clean tubes and ovaries, yay! Praying.

9/15/11 Clomid Cycle + HCG Shot

10/14/11 Clomid Cycle + HCG Shot

11/14/11 Clomid Cycle + HCG Shot

12/16/11 Clomid Cycle + HCG Shot

2/7/12 New doctor, needed a second opinion…we like his outlook MUCH better!

3/9/12 2nd Laparoscopic Surgery – Might have to take out one ovary if in bad condition

3/23 Post Op – Surgery went well, did not have to take ovary! Doc wants to wait 6 months for body to heal before trying. Praying.

8/2/12 POSITIVE pregnancy test with zero fertility drugs…around 3 weeks pregnant!

8/6/12 Miscarriage due to low progesterone levels

11/16/12 Third Laparoscopic Surgery

12/1/13 Clomid Cycle

1/1/13 Clomid + IUI Cycle + Progesterone

2/1/13 Clomid + IUI Cycle + Progesterone + HCG shots

3/1/13 Clomid + IUI Cycle + Progesterone + HCG shots

Starting to lose hope, depressed. I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m super emotional…these drugs trick you into thinking your pregnant! “WOE IS ME” Poor Casey has to deal with me. Praying for him!

4/1/13 Clomid + IUI Cycle + HCG shots – ready for a break, becoming too much, extremely overwhelmed, wondering where God is in all of this. Still praying.

4/29/13 – Connect Retreat – realized trying to have a baby was becoming an idol in our lives, and we gave it over to God…overwhelming sense of peace.

5/5/13 Clomid + IUI cycle

5/20/13 Not pregnant – no more fertility treatments… COMPLETE God given PEACE, thank you Lord!

5/26/13 ShowHOPE 10 year anniversary concert

5/28/13 Fertility treatments stopped, will still try naturally. Continued sense of peace that we know could only come from the Father.

  • October 30, 2015 - 8:13 pm

    Carol - Your note 4/29/13-what a gift from God that He helped you realize this. So easy for all of us to put our deepest, even God-given, desires above God Himself. I’m so guilty of that in a certain area of my life. So thankful for His grace and forgiveness and healing.ReplyCancel

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